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The best way to connect is through the VegasTech community:

Founders of VegasTech Companies
Angels or VCs who are co-investors
Managing Directors or Mentors from Accelerator Programs
Local and Virtual members of VegasTech

We’re powered by the referrals from VegasTech community members. Engage with individuals in the community and they’ll help you connect with the best resources.

Community is a network of individual relationships. These relationships allow us to connect with a variety of great opportunities. Everything we do is fairly organic in nature so there are a ton of opportunities to participate. You can jump in most anytime. Three great places to start are #VegasTech on Twitter, Work in Progress, and If you’re in town, you can always find people at The Beat Coffeehouse, Work in Progress (317 S. 6th St.), or the Gold Spike Lounge/Bar/Grill, all three of which are great hangout spots.

If you’re brand new to the community, the first step to learning more about what the Downtown Project is working on is to go on a Downtown Project tour. Tours are held at various times throughout the day M-F. Sign up at Downtown Project Tours.

A great place to meet people interested in serving the community through tech is at VegasTech’s Downtown Podcast, which is filmed live at ~9pm on Thursdays. It’s a great opportunity to get out and meet the startup community.

There are a lot of events happening Downtown on a weekly basis. Check out, Downtown Project, Downtown Speaker Series, and #VegasTech on Twitter for updates. You can also sign up for a local tech events at Startup Digest LV and the newsletter at Work in Progress.

Tech Cocktail hosts a monthly Tech Week during the second wk of each month that’s your chance to take the deepest dive into the tech community. Check out Tech Cocktail Week for more information.

Now you can start building the relationships that connect you to opportunities.

We hope to see you in downtown Las Vegas soon!

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