We Are Investing In Community

VegasTechFund is a seed stage investment fund and community catalyst focused on investing in teams solving compelling problems in innovative ways and who are committed to building a vibrant tech community in downtown Las Vegas. We see our city as an incubator and aim to find, foster, and accelerate companies who share that vision and want to build in it. We’re bringing people together who are hungry to be a part of something bigger than themselves and their companies – a community that encourages experimentation, relationship-building, and collaboration.

Our Methodology

We invest in founders who:

  • Aim to increase the creative class of downtown Las Vegas by solving compelling problems with an amazing team.
  • Are building teams that are excited about being an active member of the #VegasTech Community. This includes mentoring and collaborating with other companies in the community, having community dinners and organizing and participating in tech events such as the Downtown Podcast and Tech Cocktail Week. We’ve also been known to have a drink or two together.
  • Are insanely passionate about their company. We want to build a group of founders that create successful businesses that improve the brand of VegasTech.

Our Process

We have a slightly different process than many other investment funds, one that highly involves the growing VegasTech community. There are three stages to our evaluation process:

  1. Founder Passion and Vision Evaluation: We want to understand the story behind your passion and your company vision. What drives you and how that can contribute to our community? We’ll start with a chat, phone call, Skype, or trading of smoke signals with someone from our team. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions about the VegasTech community! Your time is valuable so we don’t want to waste it with more meetings if your company’s focus doesn’t align with our investment goals (it’s not you, it’s us…we’re weird).
  1. Community Evaluation: Our community is built by the people in it.  We build community through relationships. We care about your team’s culture and values and the synergies between your team and our community. Want to know how to get funded? Come see Downtown for yourself and meet the people who live, work, and play here. The more people you connect with the more likely you are to get community support. We work from community references. You can choose to do this on your own or reach out to us first. It’s your choice, but there’s no doubt that more things can happen once you’re here and active.
  1. Product/Business Evaluation: This is a chance for our team, partners, friends, and invested companies to learn more about your product and business vision. We all come from a wide range of backgrounds in technology so who you meet with will depend on your startup’s focus. We’ll take a deep dive into your customer, market, business model, and growth strategies. This is a chance to show that you have the best team to solve the problem.

All three points in the process are evaluation points. Our team is committed to making sure we invest in companies who support the values of the community. Only after we get through all three will we start talking about terms and investment. We’re confident those can be worked out once we know we have the right fit for the VegasTech Community.

We look forward to working with you to build VegasTech. Sure, it may sound long, but there will be a lot of drinks along the way and you’ll meet some amazing people!

Next Steps

The best way to get started on the investment path is to visit downtown Las Vegas and see what’s happening with the VegasTech community firsthand. Prior to the visit, start by monitoring #VegasTech on Twitter, following the events happening at Work In Progress, and perusing downtownproject.com. This will give you an idea of current and upcoming events and enable you to plug in to all that we’re up to. We encourage you to reach out to community members and ask questions.

Next, find your way here. There are lots of events happening on a regular basis. Troll #VegasTech on Twitter, reach out to people, follow the DTP and WIP events feeds, and check out the local hangout spots like Gold Spike and The Beat Coffee Shop. You can also check out our Foursquare list to get an idea of the places to go and the best things to do while there. Be sure to add us as a friend (VegasTechFund) and then complete the tips on the list.

We are committed to ensuring we invest in companies who support the values of the community. Only after we are sure of this will we start talking about terms and investment. The right fit for us is always a team that is interested in exploring whether downtown Las Vegas is the best place for them to want to grow their company.

If you’re interested in connecting with us directly, create a profile on AngelList and shoot us over a note to start the conversation.


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